Edited by Andrew Hoskins and William Merrin


Our launch (double) issue will gather a wide range of invited engaging and experimental interventions from leading and emergent thinkers and writers in the field to shape the agenda. The basic question for these pieces is, where is war going? What is the future of war (or how will specific technologies, platforms, weapons, forms of conflict etc. develop)? Authors in this issue will be free to speculate, to push existing understandings, and to offer genuine insights into where we're going (rather than simply note what we already know).

 We will showcase a new interdisciplinary vision of what 21st century war and conflict will be like.


Contributors include:


Stuart Allan

Cardiff University

Antoine Bousquet

Birkbeck University of London

Sophie Dyer


Allen Feldman

New York University

Matthew Ford

University of Sussex

Joseph DeLappe

Artist, Abertay University

Derek Gregory

University of British Columbia, Canada

Andrew Hoskins

University of Glasgow

Shona Illingworth

Artist, London

Anna Jackman

Royal Holloway University of London

Caren Kaplan

University of California, Davis


University of Leicester


Douglas Kellner


Paul Levinson

Fordham University, New York

William Merrin

Swansea University

Sarah Oates

University of Maryland

Jonathan Corpus Ong

University of Massachusetts Amherst

David Patrikarakos

Author and Journalist


UNSW Canberra

Ian Shaw

University of Glasgow

Tim Stevens

King’s College London

Donald Weber


Chris Woods